Beastie Boys: Bell Center Review 21/09/07

Beastie Boys montrealWell, Lets see. I left my house for the train station at about 11: 10 am with Matt. We left in a hurry, smoking weed and other things; talking about the trip and what we will do once we get there. We stop at giant tigers to pick up some drinks, it was very hot out. We started running late because we had to walk to the train station, it was pretty far from giant tiger and it was about 11:30. so, we left pretty fast, even running… in the damn heat. Anyways, we made it to Viarail at about 11:45, are train left at 11:51 so we made it just in time.

We get on the train (this was my first time on a train) it was alright, nothing special… lol. After about 20 minutes from departure my mp3 player died, which made me quite frustrated. so, i tried to focus my mind elsewhere and I realized that I forgot my Beastie Boys ticket at home… and there was no way I could come back to get it… the whole reason I go to Montreal in the first place and i forget the ticket. Well I tell matt and hes just speechless.. I was high, i forgot; It happens. Once we get to into town I decide we should smoke to ease the frustration of loosing the ticket. We head to the park in front of are hotel (The Merriott Cheutuex) and we find a nice bench to sit on and start blazzing. After we smoke I realize that I am supposed to meet my friend Sam there at the park at around 12 and it was about 1 o clock at this time, so i give her a call. She picks up and lets me know shes at the park and as we were on the phone, Matt spots them so we meet up and she proceeds to take us to the Metro to go to her college (dawson college) which is where someone was shot by the way! lol. I had never been in a subway up until that point. It was pretty weird and it smelt like old men and urine. The subway was pretty weird, lol.

Once we got to Dawson College we head to the Cafeteria because Sam’s friend is hungry; this place was mind blowing for me, never seeing a metro system lol and being in some weird college where someone was killed and being in a cafeteria where there is better food then my malls foodcourt, it was fun. So by this point me and Matt are wanting to go buy some alcohol for later and I don’t know where to go; seeing as i’m not from Montreal. So, Sam takes to the liquor store which is called SAQ or something and Matt buys some rum and such. Sams friend decided to leave because she had to attend class… Bitch, lol just kidding. After that we proceed to venture to various malls in search of a good head shop and other cool stores. To no prevail, we hit the metro system once again. We head to some other part of town and go to some random street with hundreds of street shops, it was cool. So find some head shops and random places and i decided to buy a bong.

It was about 3:00 pm so we decided to go back to our hotel so we could check in and do all that jazz, so once again, we hit the metro. Once we get to the hotel Matt decides to smoke a joint and I agree because I was nervous about doing the talking with the Clerk in a fancy hotel and I just wanted to delay time so i didn’t have to do it right away… In heinsight it wasn’t the greatest idea. We get into the hotel; Smelt like marijuana, and proceed to check in.. When i get to the guy he gives some weird look I say my name, show some identification and that crap and he looks at me and stresses that this hotel is smoke free, I oblige politely, laugh a bit and walk away. So we head to the elevator (are room was 32) and I am scared of elevators, so once we got in, i was nervous. Then it is like a scene out of Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas – There was about 4 business men all dressed up in this fancy elevator and there was us 3 stoned teenagers too dumb to care and to smart not to enjoy a moment like such. Mozart was also there… in spirit his greatness was flying through the speakers which seemed to me about as loud as a concert, and then Me, Sam & Matt couldn’t hold it in and burst out laughing and the business men didn’t move smile or anything, they were robots! Anyways… by the time we got to our room my ears were ringing and i was sweaty. Once we got to are room and I was in awe of the view we had of Montreal and how surreal it was to be in a fancy 5 star hotel room. We unpack are things and start to talk, ect. I decide to give my house a call to see if my parents can bring me my beastie boys ticket… but they declined, bastards! I tried on the Hotel’s bathrobe and I was shirtless and super sweaty and I put it back because it cost 100$ if you wanted to keep it.

So me,Sam and Matt decide to start drinking and order a pizza. When the room service man knocked on the door for the pizza; Matt was fixing the toilet and I did not want to answer the door. So, he barged in gave us are pizza, said his things, Matt signed the paper for the pizza and he left… his name was Russoto, he is a great man, lol. The pizza sucked! it was 20$ too…. Order out if you stay at a 5 star hotel… Unless your rich!

Sam,Me and Matt kept drinking and then we decided to find the pool and shit, to check it out. It was closed though…. So we went to the bell center to buy another ticket since i did go there to see the Beastie Boys; luckily there was good tickets left and I got a floor ticket! Matt had a seat ticket… while we were in line I was dead beat and tired and Sam was her normal hyper self not showing any signs of relaxing and her phone goes off while were in this line at the bell center. Her ring tone was some bad 90’s tune reminisent of the “glory days” of Generation X hahaha!! It was actually Alanis Morrsette the Canadian singer and everyone started laughing at it… it was pretty funny so after that Sam had to leave to catch the train back to her town so we head back up to the hotel to go drink some more then headed to the bell center to see three mc’s and one dj… They did get down without delay, Wait! not true. They had technical difficulties after the first damn song! no matters the beasties rocked the house! but the first band put me to sleep… They were called Chromeo. I’m not going to go into detail about the show but lets just say lots of freaks dancing and “getting ill” lol.

the next day, we drank a little more, smoked a little more and danced! just kidding… we checked out at 11 am. We headed back to the clerk’s desk to check out and get are deposit back which was 100$ (Now remember earlier in the story we bought pizza the day before which was 20$) the clerk asked us if we had bought anything we kindly said no and walked out and they never contacted us again… hahaha they probably just don’t really care about a 25$ pizza. So once we got outside the hotel it was like home free and we went to the park to blaze, then we headed to the train station to see if we could remember it was, sure enough; we got lost. But found it momentarily. Since are train didn’t leave for another 4 hours we “hit the town” lol went to some of the malls and shit bought some new toys, met some randoms… Oh yeah, the good stuff anyways… I should wrap this up

we got to the train station at 3:20, but before that we smoked weed at the planetarium… lol The train ride sucked this time! i just wanted to get home and smoke!

well, until next time!


-Dave Bergeron


~ by drgonzo613 on September 24, 2007.

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