Walk For Weed 2007 In Cornwall Ontario!

Well, It’s that time. Time to walk for marijuana, and you know what! I’m damn proud, haha! The walk for weed has gotten way more publicity then I expected. Our local newspaper wrote about it, the local radio station, even Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Magazine have it on their websites front page. The word has been spread, It’s just a matter of time to see the actual turn out … I am kind of anxious to see what the Cornwall Police Department’s reaction will be when people start to blaze. The Time Has Come!

-Event Info-
Walk For Weed 2007 In Cornwall Ontario will be help at the Bandshell in Lameroux park off of water st. It starts at 1 p.m There will be a message,introduction and marijuana smoking in unison. Everyone who is smoking pot should stick in the middle and everyone who is not smoking walk around the people who are. Remember this is a peaceful protest and we wouldn’t want anybody getting arrested.

Here are some of the links for information
Facebook- To confirm that you will be attending
http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=5916978495&ref=mfWalk For Weed Flyers

Cornwall Standard Freeholder- http://www.standard-freeholder.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=735448&auth=Trevor%20Pritchard

Cannabis Culture magazine –


~ by drgonzo613 on October 17, 2007.

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  1. Never forget that Marc Emery will die for these beliefs. He will get the death sentence in the USA for what in Canada would be a $150.00 fine.

    CBC Newsworld’s “The Lens” Season Debut: THE PRINCE OF POT, October 23 and 27
    by CC Magazine, CBC Newsworld (15 Oct, 2007) Nick Wilson’s provocative, entertaining and hard-hitting documentary premieres on television across Canada this month

    A snapshot from the CBC The Lens webpage
    CBC Newsworld’s The Lens launches its fall season with Nick Wilson’s provocative, entertaining and hard-hitting documentary “Prince of Pot: The US vs. Marc Emery”. Is it about marijuana seeds, political dissidence, or national sovereignty? Should Marc Emery be extradited to the USA or should he serve time in Canada — and can Canadians do anything about it? Watch “Prince of Pot: The US vs. Marc Emery” on CBC Newsworld and decide for yourself!

    Tuesday, October 23, at 10pm ET/PT and Saturday, October 27, at 4am ET and 11pm ET/PT
    Nationwide on The Lens, CBC Newsworld.

    Prince of Pot: The US vs. Marc Emery

    Canadian Marc Emery, Canada’s most prominent marijuana legalization activist, is at the top of the US Drug Enforcement Agency’s Most Wanted List and now faces extradition to the US and possible life imprisonment. His crime — selling marijuana seeds over the Internet. An occupation he has never denied. In fact, for more than a decade he has dutifully filed his income tax returns in Canada stating his occupation as “marijuana seed seller”. He paid his taxes and was left alone by the Canadian authorities. However, Canada’s RCMP suddenly and willingly cooperated when the DEA got him in their sights.

    Marc Emery and wife Jodie Emery
    Widely known as “The Prince of Pot,” Emery is the joint smoking publisher of Cannabis Culture Magazine, founder of the BC Marijuana Party and a lifelong rabble-rouser. And now, according to the DEA, one of the most wanted men in the drug world, up there with the heads of Columbian cocaine cartels, and the top drug trafficker in North America.

    His story is the prism through which director Nick Wilson examines the touchy issue of sovereignty, the long reach of US drug laws, and Canadian pot culture while spending the summer embedded at the Emery defense headquarters.

    Emery believes marijuana is a wonderful, healing drug and that current laws are unconstitutional, inhumane, and detrimental to society, far outweighing the damage done to people by the drug itself. No Canadian has ever gone to jail for selling seeds, and in 35 years only two people have been charged — the last got a $200 fine. Yet Emery faces 30 years to life in prison under US drug laws if he is extradited to face trail there.

    “Prince of Pot: The US vs. Marc Emery” follows Emery through the summer and fall as he plots his defense, attends court hearings and tries to clear the names of his two friends who now face the same fate as him.

    The Prince of Pot: The US vs. Marc Emery is directed by Nick Wilson and produced by Anne Pick, Real to Reel Productions (Toronto).

    CBC Newsworld: The Lens — http://www.cbc.ca/thelens

    Watch this Pot-TV video interview with Jodie Emery, Marc Emery, and “Prince of Pot” Director Nick Wilson!


  2. […] walk October 18th, 2007 Walk For Weed 2007 In Cornwall Ontario! by drgonzo613 on October 17, […]

  3. I know everyone is concerned about illegal smiles so I offer this recent court ruling. best, Spanner
    2007 November 14

    Canada’s prohibition of the possession of marijuana has once again
    been declared to be constitutionally invalid and of no legal force or

    In a judgment released yesterday of a decision he rendered in Oshawa
    on October 19, Justice Edmondson of the Ontario Court of Justice
    dismissed charges against three young men accused of simple possession
    of marijuana, declaring that “there is no offence known to law which
    the accused have committed.”

    Justice Edmondson said that he found to be “persuasive” the reasoning
    of a judgement released on July 13 and 26 by Justice Borenstein (also
    of the Ontario Court of Justice) which had previously found the
    prohibition to be invalid; both judges declared that the Medical
    Marijuana Access Regulations are unconstitutional, which automatically
    makes the overall prohibition legally invalid.

    “This has been my view for years,” said Prof. Doug Hutchinson, a
    professor of philosophy at the University of Toronto and himself an
    authorized user of medical marijuana. “The prohibition of the
    possession of marijuana has been invalid since 2001 July 31, the
    anniversary of the Parker ruling.” He publicly predicted that he would
    be able to prove the invalidity of the prohibition to the first judge
    he could get to consider the arguments; and this prediction was
    fulfilled on October 19 in Oshawa.

    Professor Hutchinson now calls on the Provost of Trinity College and
    the President of the University of Toronto to recognize that the
    marijuana prohibition is invalid and to abandon their illegitimate
    attempt to enforce on campus this invalidated law. He calls on the
    Deputy Director of the Ontario Region of the Federal Prosecution
    Service to withdraw charges in all pending cases of marijuana
    possession in Ontario, and he calls on the Deputy Attorney General of
    Canada to withdraw charges in all pending cases in Canada.

    Hutchinson also calls on all Canadian citizens to spread the word
    about the fall of the law, to render assistance to any Canadians
    accused under the invalid law, and to refuse to recognize the validity
    of any alleged marijuana prohibition, unless a future prohibition
    comes to be legitimately enacted by Commons and Senate in proper
    democratic fashion.

    For the Canadian Press story about this case, released today at 17:00
    EST, go to:

    For this press release in web page form, with live links and further
    details about this case and its implications, visit

  4. can i buy some weed

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