Walk For Weed 2007: Little Men, Little Gods.

The turn-out for the first annual Walk For Weed was well… poor but not without spirit and green. I arrived on scene at about 12:50 p.m and the head-count was looking very bleak. There was maybe 55 people when I had arrived. However, the news crews were out, The local radio stations & the local paper. We left after a speech from the organizer David-George Oldham and another speech from The Marijuana Party leader and finally a nice sing-a-long to are great country’s national anthem.

The cops were very friendly and the K-9 unit they brought along was in the van the whole time. Once we left the bandshell to start the walk some people left – which dropped are numbers, but none the less we continued on to the destination. I was tired of waiting for somebody to light the first joint, so I got my friend to light up two joints and we smoked happily as the cops watched on. The T.V. crews were a pain in the ass when they were filming me and my friends smoking pot. Once we stopped at Guy Lauzons’s office – which was closed, we continued on, walking over the overpass to dominoes pizza… what a lovely end to a protest.

It seemed to me to be more fun and stupid then a serious point. Hopefully next year’s protest will be better organized and have a larger turn-out. But to those who did go, Good job! Walk For Weed SpeechWalk For Weed


~ by drgonzo613 on October 21, 2007.

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  1. […] In an earlier entry here at the Cannabis Chronicles, we mentioned the “Walk for Weed” being held for the first time in Cornwall. The BLOG where we learned about the event did a follow up posting, which we’ll reproduce here for our readers . . . Walk For Weed 2007: Little Men, Little Gods. […]

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