The Last Post On The Bugle


I say it has been a cold week here in Ontario. Well I just recently started listening to The Pixies . Their music is off-key and at points detestable but there is something that draws me to the chemistry between Frank Black,Kim Deal, Joey Santiago and Dave Lovering. Joey Santiago always manages to capture and pull together the beautiful work of Frank Black’s vocals and Kim Deal’s chunky bass-lines.

I have listened to The Pixies for a couple years, but until this week I never knew how truly beautiful their music is. So, anybody reading out there who hasn’t heard of The Pixies – check them out!

Other music I have been listening to this week…

The Libertines
The Beatles
The Pixies (Obviously)
and Tool.

-Dave Bergeron

The Pixies


~ by drgonzo613 on October 29, 2007.

One Response to “The Last Post On The Bugle”

  1. well I think pixies is the best band, the music is so especial, make me fell a lot of sensitive, i whant to know when that band is come in to Chile, on Sud america, i been whaiting long time if some bory know about this please tell my or if know a good page of pixies that will be great Thank you! and let make music go pixies the band of the every time

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