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I have been away from the lovely blog sites… too bad. I figured I would do a music update since I have nothing else to dish out at the moment. So I have been listening to a new variety of bands, yet again. Last month; the pixies. This month well a bunch of stuff.. lets start off by saying today I found a new Indie band based in Montreal, Quebec. Wolf Parade is their name and they’ve been around for a couple of years now and if you have never heard of them and are into indie music – check em out!
hmm, Techno…. The Crystal Method, they got fat beats; I love them:) You have probably heard of them so I will not go on with them, but if you havent – check out the album VEGAS it’s their first and it’s pretty intense.

The Gorillaz!! haha!! I borrowed their first cd and a remixed version of that cd also and ripped them onto my computer. They are some amazing cd’s! The re-mixed version contains Clint eastwood but with all rap. Alot of their music is pretty out-there and experimental – which i dig, haha. Besides for their more popular stuff, they got some pretty crazy material.

I am also listening to alot of Modest Mouse, Anything from Pete Doherty, A Perfect Circle, The Beatles and a bit of Ravi Shankar, Sublime & U2.


~ by drgonzo613 on November 12, 2007.

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