Canadian Cannabis Videos!

Hello all… I would just like to say I have been taking a break from Tick-Lish Productions. I won’t work on too much for Tick-Lish probably for a while… Right now my main focus for my filming is “Canadian Cannabis” Which start out in early 2007 when I started making marijuana themed you-tube videos for my pleasure and such. It was called “Canadian Marijuana” from early 2007 until I closed the account in January 2008.

Febuary, 2008. Canadian Cannabis makes it’s you-tube debut. This time taking it more seriously. Dropping the old name and videos, Canadian Cannabis started fresh. The first few videos were not what I was looking for in this “Canadian Cannabis Project” of mine. The idea was to edit bong hits and various ways of smoking marijuana with music mainly marijuana themed music to play along to the videos. Basic concept, my idea was achieved after little effort. I began Canadian Cannabis in Febuary and today it is November the 11th hour of the American Elections with the votes being counted now we will find out in hours who the next president of the united states of america will be. But thats a whole other story.

So the point of this blog was to basically give an introduction to my Canadian Cannabis Project I will provide the link at the bottom. Please check out some of the videos, Thank you for reading. I will keep posting.\

Canadian Cannabis You-Tube Channel\\

~ by drgonzo613 on November 5, 2008.

One Response to “Canadian Cannabis Videos!”

  1. Ha. Love the Youtube videos! Thanks

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