808’s & Heartbreak

I heard the first single off Kanye West’s new album “808’s & Heartbreak” during the VMA’s, he closed the show with a live performance of “Love Lockdown”. The first time I heard this I was taken aback given the heavy use of auto-tune. I enjoyed the performance and thought Kanye had decided to take a different path for this CD. After reading various interviews and watching some on tv. I realized that this was an artistic diversion from his regular material and an experimental album.

He is breaking the boundries of music with using production equipment from the 80’s with very simple sonic melodys backing his vocals. I love it, personally. A cd hasn’t brought me to write a blog about it in a while but I feel different about this one. I’ve read alot of negative reviews about this CD but I didn’t care, I thought I would enjoy it and I was right. I went out and bought the cd today and it amazed me. It is what it is, dont expect amazing production and great songs comming off this (Mind you i think some of it is great). But expect what the title hints towards a collection of songs about heartbreak and trauma. We all know what Kanye West went through last year but anyone can relate to it. The music is great and adventerous. If you haven’t heard anything from this album I advise you to go give it a listen or pick it up. Kanye West’s new CD “808’s & Heartbreak” amazes me and I love it. Some of my favour tracks on the album are

-Steet Lights
-Bad News
-Coldest Winter
-Say you will

Honestly, I like the whole album it’s great for what it is.:) Thank you Mr.West.

808's & Heartbreak album cover



~ by drgonzo613 on November 28, 2008.

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  1. cool!!

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