Eminem – Relapse: Album Review


I am going to review this album, as i listen to each song and give my own comments on each song.

1. “Dr. West” (skit) – Very good Intro, It paints a picture of Eminem sitting with a Doctor, in the patients point of view reaching out for help with his problem with Drugs. The Doctor seems to just influence him to keep abusin’ substances, which leads to some creepy outro and breaks into the haunting “3am”. 5/5
2. “3am” If you have not heard this song yet I am suprised, When i first heard it I fell in love with the disturbing lyrics of Murder & Drug Use, Ive heard people say this seems like Eminem trying to repeat himself but I disagree I think he has a found a new style, one way better than “Encore”. 5/5
3. “My Mom” This song has many refrences to Valium and very comedic. Great flow, it really seems Eminem has stepped up his game with his flows. The beats are killing it, Dre produced another masterpiece. 5/5
4. “Insane” Alright, probably one of the most taboo songs on the album. This song deals with Eminem’s Step Father molesting and raping him repeadidly throughout the song, It is very disturbing. Again, amazing flow. The song busts right into it with Eminem wasting no time to just on the track and take control of the beat. 5/5
5. “Bagpipes from Baghdad” This song is fairly decent, not particularly my style, I dont mind the beat. Just I dont dig his flow on this one, I don’t know. My personal opinion this song should have been cut from the album. The ranting and dissing on old celebrities that he has already talked about sadly does get annyoing. 3/5
6. “Hello” This song starts heavy on the bass. Eminem jumps on the track with his pause-heavy flow. Keeping his voice generally more quite throughout this song compared to others but his flow does justice to the beat, This kinda brings back the feel of “The Slim Shady LP” not a bad track. 4/5
7. “Tonya” (skit) Again another sick skit. Paints a picture of a Woman looking for a ride to no avail she finally gets a ride with eminem and all you hear is pull out a roll of Duck tape and “Tonya” starts to scream. Another great piece. 5/5
8. “Same Song & Dance” This describes basically the female celebrities that Em has picked on in his music over the years, a pretty good track. Another one of his more quite flows but i can dig it, not a stand out track but deffinitly decent. This song also samples Metallica’s song “One”, which the sample is repeated throughout the entire song.
9. “We Made You” When this first came out I was obviously not playing it everynight. I was dissapointed but then I thought back to all his other albums and pretty much all his first singles are goofy ass songs. But yea, his flow is good, beat is meh, I hate the hook/chorus. 3/5
10. “Medicine Ball” Medicine Ball, is a very good track the lyrics in this are deffinitly stepped up and his amazing flow is back for sure on this track. The drug refrences are not getting old in the slightest, at least not for me. I love it, this is Eminem doing his thing. Great Work from Dre and Em. The ending of the song where Eminem pretends hes Christopher Reeve and says the last word is pretty good aswell. 5/5
11. “Paul” (skit) Just a little complaining phone call transaction kinda thing with eminems Manager 3/5
12. “Stay Wide Awake” This beat is fire. It goes hard and the flow in this is probably one of the best on the album so far. The lyrics top everything on the album so far, more advanced. This song gives me vibes of Biggies album “Life After Death” The haunting beat with the piano, and Em’s flow on top of it makes this track a classic. Love it. 5/5
13. “Old Time’s Sake” (featuring Dr. Dre) With a name like Old Times Sake I was expecting a little more out of this track, i will not lie. None the less the numerous marijuana refrences in this track, I love. It’s great work, deffinitly got a west coast vibe on this track, Classic trait of the great master producer known as Dr.Dre. Deffinitly a bumpin’ track. 4/5
14. “Must Be the Ganja” I’m deffinitly a sucker for songs about Chronic, but honestly Em’ doesnt deliver enough true marijuana refrences and traits of a pot head to make this track a classic stonner tune, Maybe thats not what he was going for, his flow is pretty badass. The lyrics great. Just expected different with the name of the track. Good work on this though dont get me wrong, I’m just a little suprised. I’m also mentioning this song has numerous refrences to Seriel Killers and Drugs, which seem to be a current theme throughout the album, obviously. Pretty good track. 4/5
15. “Mr. Mathers” Mr Mathers is a skit which makes you envision a body laying on the ground with paramedics surrounding on the edge of death, with voices fading in and out, good skit. 5/5
16. “Deja Vu” The previous skit “Mr.Mathers” transition into this is awesome and this seems to be a little more serious than alot of the previous tracks, Don’t get me wrong it has its fair share of Drug refrences mind you a sensitive theme is kind of employed in this song, its a feel-good vibe at least to me. It’s a weird track, I really like it. Seems to be deep. The hook is good. This song also reminds me of a couple tracks off of SSLP but I love it deffinitly a stand out track. 5/5
17. “Beautiful” This song starts with a guitar and a guy singing deffintily wouldnt think its eminem at first listen. Then Em just busts onto the track with intense energy. This is deffinitly the most serious track on the album, there is a message being said in this track. The beat is intense, fucking Dre is killing this. I love it, the lyrics in the song are very intense. I cant even describe how good this song is. Also, this was a track that Eminem produced by himself. The only track Dre didn’t have anything to do with. 5/5
18. “Crack a Bottle” (featuring Dr. Dre, 50 Cent) I heard this way before any track on the album, I wasnt feeling it at first, but Em’s verse is sick and Dre kills it with flow on this track, The lyrics I dig on their parts. 50 however doesnt do it for me on this track, i could have used another Em verse isntead of 50. This song should have been left off the album. Since its hear, I Give it 3/5
19. “Steve Berman” (skit) This track is pretty funny, nothing much to say about it, Just Em’ talkin with a record excutive or something. 4/5
20. “Underground/Ken Kaniff” This song burts into it with a almost Orchestra like intro with Em’s voice. His flow rips through the beat on this track. EASILY this is probably his most old-school, angry flow/lyrics. This is a badass song. Constantly refrencing his past work and biting lines from his past songs. His voice even reminds me of The Marshall Mathers LP. This might be my favorite track on the album. I dont know it’s hard to say this album is deffinitly great. The lyrics get grusome on the second verse with another refrence to Hannah Montanna. So many drug refrences, I love it! Under the Influence line in there also. I can’t get enough of this track, I don’t want it to end, I am easily hooked and can’t wait for the sequel to this album. His third verse on this track is too intense brining in refrences to Horror Movie Characters and painting a murder scene. That would be the conclusion to Eminems new album.

Easily this album has exceeded my expectations by far, I was expecting something way less great than this. This is better than The Eminem Show, Encore and maybe even The Slim Shady LP, at least in my opinion. So many people don’t know what to think about the tracks that are out right now, well the whole album is leaked, go listen to it and buy it on May 19th, its great. I love it, fuck – I love it so much I had to write a blog about it.


~ by drgonzo613 on May 10, 2009.

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  2. Not to nitpick, I really enjoy this album a lot and find most of your review to be pretty on spot. But I just want to point out that the track Beautiful was actually produced by Em himself. Dre did the rest of the album, but when it came to that one song he let Eminem have free reign over it all. He really shines in this album.

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