Artist of the Month: “Modest Mouse”

With the release of their new EP comming up this August and the album being leaked this week I figured it was only right. I have just listened to every song on the EP in order and I have to be honest and say for the most part this is a well put together series of songs, they work into each other nicely and nothing seems out of place. The Whale Song brings out the old Modest Mouse Moon & Antarctica days with a tinge of their new material, deffinitly the most experimental piece on the album. The song “Perpetual Motion Machine” includes the Dirty Dozen Brass Band whom Modest Mouse have played with before on their album “Good news for people who love bad news”. My favorite song’s on the EP are “History Sticks to your feet”, “King Rat” & “The Whale Song”. King Rat is epic and has been around for along time… Still love this song very happy they are adding it to this EP. Also, just wanted to say that the last song on the EP has been widely availble for a long time it’s called “I’ve got it all (most)”. Not that bad of a track and the version on “No One’s First and You’re Next” Is more polished than the previous version. Overall this EP is a step forward for Modest Mouse after the release of their last album. Deffinitly buyin’ this on Vinyl when it comes out.

No One's First and You're Next

No One's First and You're Next

No One’s First and You’re Next

1. “Satellite Skin”
2. “Guilty Cocker Spaniels”
3. “Autumn Beds”
4. “Whale Song”
5. “Perpetual Motion Machine”
6. “History Sticks to Your Feet”
7. “King Rat”
8. “I’ve Got It All (Most)”


~ by drgonzo613 on July 16, 2009.

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  1. Artist of the Month is…best post

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