Osheaga 2009 – The Troubles

Since we did it last year and will continue it this year. We are covering the music festival “Osheaga”, In Montreal, Quebec. So far if you want you can see the lineup at the website http://www.osheaga.com or one of my previous post’s. So some very sad news to start it all off with… Adam Yauch aka MCA of “Beastie Boys” has been diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in his neck. Very lucky to have caught this in the early stages of the disease. I send him my support. If you haven’t guessed it yet… Beastie Boys inevitably had to cancel the current tour they have planned and push back the release of their upcomming LP.

Day 2 for Osheaga has no headliner as of now. The website has said it will update itself once they have further information about what they are going to do for Sunday night. I personally hope they go and get hometown heros “Arcade Fire”. That would save the festival in my opinion, Arcade Fire have never played Osheaga and they are from Montreal. The Flaming Lips (previous headliners) could also be a suitable replacement. One more to add… Tool. Since they are playing “All points west festival” or something along those lines… In New Jeresy the same weekend Osheaga is taking place. So all 3 of them would be a good addition to the lineup and help save the festival from angry fans and god knows what else. They can’t go on without a headliner… people will demand refunds among other things. Hopefully the powers that be set things straight and it turns out to be a happy ending but who knows really.

More bad news. We have our train tickets to get out to Montreal already. Apparently, this friday VIA Rail Canada will be comming to a clossing agreement on some shit I didn’t read up on but the Engineers might strike. Which would mean obviously no train to Montreal. Now… that really isn’t a problem seeing as we can get there no problem, but still I don’t want to have to go through the hastle of getting refunds for Train Tickets cause some people are demanding more money, but that’s life right…

Anyways the future of Osheaga is not certain but I hold high hopes. ‘Till the day’s after Osheaga you will not know what has happened with me there, haha. For some good news though… I am beyond excited to see Modest Mouse in late August. Going to be an awesome show, a review of that will also be availble.

Apologies for the spelling errors, I wrote this fast. Maybe I will correct it later… I doubt it though.


~ by drgonzo613 on July 23, 2009.

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