Osheaga 2009 – Snakes on the Ladder

The replacement for the Beastie Boys at the 4th edition of the Osheaga music festival is going to be the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. A band that was already booked to play the second day of Osheaga for a 1 hour set from 4 45 to 5 45 or something along those lines. They are now headlining the festival. I would personally rather see The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s play at night and now they are. I still don’t they are the best choice for a headliner, but I can’t control things. Karon O is crazy and I’m looking forward to their set, mind you the collide with the same set as Crystal Castles and I might just go see Crystal Castles instead and catch the end of the YYY’s performance. Regardless, now there is a new headliner and things can continue. They also added the band Vampire Weekend to the second day of the festival to fill the spot of the YYY’s earlier slot. I am also deffinitly going to be checking out Vampire Weekend’s performance. Not too bad of an outcome but could have been better.

VIA Rail decided to go on strike on Friday, it is now Sunday and the Strike is finished. Train’s are schedueled to resume regular routes later today. That is nice, saving me the hastle of going and refunding the tickets. But yeah, just thought I would give you another update and the next post will probably be the Review, stay posted. Thanks for reading.


~ by drgonzo613 on July 27, 2009.

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