Osheaga 2009: Review 03/08/09 & 04/08/09

Well, me and a couple of friends hit up a taxi to the train station at around 11 am on Saturday morning. Once we got onto the train we just sat patiently until we got to Montreal. Once we got there we ate got coffee, then proceeded to walk around the city. Baught a bong, some cd’s & other random things. Then we checked into our hotel room early at around 3 p.m. Wen’t up into the room put everything away then hit the Metro, got the transfer, next thing you know… we are at the park!

Osheaga here we are… as we get there we walk around not really knowing where to go right away, we noticed that they had Bud Camp girl’s, which was pretty nice. We looked at the time and it was already almost time for Somlia’s K’naan. His set started at 4:45 p.m. We got there right before it started we all got two beers each and got right up front for K’naan. Once he came on it was beautiful, the sun was out, the music was great, the marijuana was being smoked & the beer was all over the place. Good vibes for sure, I started dancing along to all the song’s. K’naan played through “If Rap Get’s Jealous”, an acapella version of “Somlia”, Take a minute, Wavin’ flags, among other’s. His set was really great and left us all in smiles and everyone around us. After K’naan finished up we got some more beer and wen’t and sat on the hill.

K'naan live at osheaga

K'naan live at osheaga

We really didn’t think Osheaga was going to be as busy as it was this year with food lines taking over 1 hour to get served for the most part. We sat on the hill smoked a bunch of weed while the sounds of Elbow was playing in the background. I have to admit these guys sounded damn good, they had a huge crowd for ’em aswell. After we got done drinking/blazing we went our seperate way’s. Me and Tony one way, Shane & Kurt another way. One for beer, one for Corn. As me and Tony waited in line for our Corn we started talking with some random kid’s who were going on a road trip across Canada. They were chill… The wait in line for Corn was probably about 45 minutes. After we got our Corn we wen’t and looked for Kurt and Shane but they were nowhere to be found, it was packed after all. So me and Tony sat through the last few song’s of Jason Mraz’s set, I am not a fan by any means. I did enjoy his rendition of Bob Marley’s “Three little birds”. It suited the afternoon very nicely. After he finished up his set we walked around waiting until Coldplay came out. Once they came out we were on the top of the hill when they opened with their song “Life in Technicolor”, it was epic from that view but we had to get way closer so we marched through the crowd. Getting closer for the next couple songs “Violet hill”, “Clocks”, “In my place” & “Yellow”. During Yellow they had the giant yellow ball’s floating around the audiance, the sing a long for yellow was great. The place was captivated already. Moving along beautifully through their set they hammered through so many good songs. During the late half of their performance they made their way through the middle of the crowd to play on a platform in the middle of the crowd. They started playing their song “Green eyes” then all of a sudden the Firework Competition at the nearby La Ronde Amusement Park was going on. Fireworks lit up the sky as Coldplay played through an improvised jam marking how special the night was. “We got the moon, we got the fireworks, we got our drummer Will”. It was epic, next a Michael Jackson cover. They played “Billy Jean” Which was another crowd sing along. After this they headed back to the stage where it was the interlude of the show with “Viva La Vida” techno remix playing, the crowd loved it. Once Coldplay started “Lovers in Japan” and the confetti rained down all over the 30,000 plus audiance people were awe struck, the fireworks lighting up the montreal sky, while Coldplay closes their set. An amazing show for sure.



Coldplay’s Setlist
1. Life In Technicolor
2. Violet Hill
3. Clocks
4. In My Place
5. Yellow
6. 42
7. Fix You
8. Strawberry Swing
9. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
10. Talk
11. The Hardest Part
12. Postcards From Far Away
13. Viva La Vida
14. Lost!
15. Green Eyes
16. Quebec Song
17. Death Will Never Conquer
18. Billie Jean
19. Viva La Vida Techno Remix
20. Politik
21. Lovers In Japan
22. Death And All His Friends
23. Encore:
23. The Scientist
24. Life In Technicolor ii
25. The Escapist

3 pictures of coldplay at osheaga

3 pictures of coldplay at osheaga

After Coldplay finished up me and Tony headed to the metro stop, which we deffinitly did not expect to be packed we waited in line for an hour and a half in arm to arm crowd moving less than 1 foot per minute to get onto the subway. it was retarded. After we got back downtown we got off at the Berri Quam station and walked from there. We headed to the hotel to find Shane & Kurt pissed sitting there since they didn’t have a keycard to get upstairs to the room, they had been there for an hour, haha. Anyway’s we proceeded upstairs to all chill and then we get a call it’s our friend Jake & his girlfriend Kate. They randomly showed up so we had them come upstairs and we all chilled for the rest of the night, then we slept…

The next morning we wake up, get some ciggarettes and coffee. We grab our bookbags for a hike up to the top of Mount Royal on Saturday morning. We go to the mall to eat breakfast then take the metro up to the Mountain… from there we walked up hill for about 30 minutes then it started to rain… and rained it did, it poured like crazy. we ran up the Mountain climbinb the rock wall’s for a long long time until we get to the top and see the skyline of Montreal covered in fog and rain, it was epic and beautiful we were all shirtless and dancing and screaming. Truly felt like we had conquered the world. Then we all walked down the side of it, it took forever and was very, very steep, the water running down was crazy and it was dangerous and fucking fun. we got off on the wrong side of the mountain on some random street, we all run down the rainy streets to a buss stop, hop on the buss, get off at the metro stop. Hit the metro to the train station exchange our tickets for some earlier ones since Kurt had to work early on Monday. We all go back to the hotel to change our soaking wet clothes, Tony decides to stay back at the hotel and not go to Osheaga. We leave the hotel heading for Osheaga, hit the metro get off at the parc and as soon as we got there. A old man asked me if I had a ticket to sell and I did, which was Tony’s I sold it for 20$ and he gave me a hardtime. Said he was going to “hunt me down” if the ticket didn’t work. The ticket’s didn’t work either since they were soaking wet but they still let us through. Once we got through we ran up for Vampire Weekend who had just started playing “A-Punk” and we caught that and got some beer. After VW played through “Oxford Comma” and “m79” among others we went to wait for Arctic Monkeys which wasn’t the best idea since they had a long time before they played. We sat through most of Rufus Wainwright who played a very nice set and had his mother come out and join him for two song’s. It was a sweet set. During his performance i began to feel weak and sick, i started getting dizzy and felt like i was going to vomit, I started seeing black spots and I felt exhausted. I went and sat down in the rock’s baught 3 bottles of water and a hotdog. I felt like shit, made myself eat the hotdog and layed back and watched The Decemberist’s do their thing. I love some of their riffs… After about 20-30 minutes of relaxing Jake and his girlfriend met up with us right before the Arctic Monkeys so we all went into the crowd and got really close for AM.

Once they came out it was amazing, I have been waiting to see them for a long time. The crowd went wild when they played “Brianstorm”, “The view from the afternoon” and “I bet you look good on the dancefloor”. Their set was really strict and tight. Played through their song’s really well but nothing really special, I wanted more songs from their first album, but we didn’t get that. None the less their set was very, very nice.

arctic monkeys live at osheaga

arctic monkeys live at osheaga

Arctic Monkey’s Setlist [not in order]

1. Pretty Visitors
2. My Propeller
3. Brianstorm
4. This House Is A Circus
5. Da Frame 2R
6. Fluorescent Adolescent
7. Crying Lightning
8. I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
9. Still Take You Home
10. The View From The Afternoon
11. If You Were There, Beware
12. Potion Approaching
13. Do Me A Favour
14. 505

After the Arctic Monkey’s I caught the start of The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s set but didn’t stay long. We left and hit the metro after that, fearing the crowd of the night before, but it wasn’t nearly as packed as the day before. I regretted leaving early having missed the Crystal Castles set. Apparently they come on late and had the power turned off on them but still I would have loved to see them at least a little bit. After we got to the hotel we all wen’t down to the bar and started getting drunk. Kurt and Shane left to go the stripclub and then they came back at around 3:50 am. Once they came back Me, Kurt and Shane went back out with Shane leaving to walk around the city and me and kurt walking around. Getting food, coffee. Just spending the early hours venturing around downtown Montreal. Beautiful city, amazing concert. Second time at Osheaga better than the first. I will deffinitly be back again.

Lovers In Japan Live at Osheaga

Billy Jean Cover Live at Osheaga

Fix You Live at Osheaga


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