Artist of the Month: “Arctic Monkeys”

arctic monkeys humbug

arctic monkeys humbug

Having saw them live just over a week ago, I have been listening to alot of Arctic Monkeys recently. Making myself familiar with the Favorite Worst Nightmare Album I realize the true brilliance of the Arctic Monkeys. Their first cd was always my favorite until recently. The direction of their second cd is perfect and shows them moving ahead at a steady pace. With song’s like “Do me a favour”, “505”, “This house is a circus”, “D for Dangerous”, “Brianstorm”. The list goes on and on for special tracks of their second LP. Everything about their second cd makes me think of exacly why I came to like them in the first place. Catchy riffs, brilliant lyrics, pounding drums, everything. The Arcitc Monkeys are the whole package and that’s why they are chosen to be this month’s Artist of the month. Their new album Humbug is set for release next month.

The Tracklist for the Arctic Monkeys third full legnth CD minus the bonus tracks is
1. “My Propeller”
2. “Crying Lightning”
3. “Dangerous Animals”
4. “Secret Door”
5. “Potion Approaching”
6. “Fire and the Thud”
7. “Cornerstone”
8. “Dance Little Liar”
9. “Pretty Visitors”
10. “The Jeweller’s Hands”

I heard a couple of the new song’s live, and they are fairly well rounded live. I wan’t to first make note of Josh Homme (Queen’s of the stone age, KYUSS, Eagles of death metal” Produced this record and has his influence all over it. Don’t get me wrong this is still an Arctic Monkey’s CD but with the couple tracks released, snippet’s, ect. You can hear the influence Josh has over the overall sound of the finished product. Josh Homme infamous for recording in the desert had the Monkey’s out at his recording studio. That in itself gives you an idea of where this record is heading. The Arctic Monkey’s hanging out with Josh Homme in an american desert recording music together. The material released is nothing short of quality. Right now I have been listening to “Potion Approaching” mostly. The slowed down tempo near the end of the song with the muffled/weird guitar solo of the haunting voice of Alex Turner is beautiful and you can feel the vibes of the desert. Even though these song’s were not written out in the desert, it deffinitly had an impact on how it all came out. I am excitied to hear the third album and excitied to see how it all sounds when it’s pieced together. The sound is changing for the Arctic Monkeys, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. It’s a new day for new music. Thank you Monkeys


~ by drgonzo613 on August 11, 2009.

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