Modest Mouse: Metropolis Review 19/08/09

It started with a long drive with nothing to think about… That’s a lie. There was plenty to think about seeing as we were going to see Modest Mouse the following day. We got a drive out to some random city in the middle of Quebec about a hour away from Montreal. A friend and I spent the entire day getting really high in the country watching horses and wild dogs… Beautiful scenery. Then we headed back into town at night, we went to the Condo we were staying at got our shit ready and headed for McDonald’s. Smoked two joints while walking down some random city finally we spot a McDonald’s. We get some McFlurry’s and then head out to just wander around the place. After we headed back and crashed. The morning after we got up early, ate breakfast and headed out to Montreal.

As soon as we got to Montreal we took the Metro and headed to our Hotel. We checked in and then we waiting began, we were beyond excitied for Modest Mouse. After we checked in we went out to the Mall and got some food, bought plenty of water and walked around. We went to the park found a nice spot, chilled and blazed. Headed back to our hotel, dropped our stuff off then back out we went. Walking up to the Metropolis we spot about 10 people outside for Modest Mouse, so we go and stand in line. It was a very long wait but so very worth it. It was hot and we had plenty of water, Music Plus showed up with their vehicle hosting their flags outside the venue. I was plenty hungry – seeing as we smoke so much marijuana. So I decided to leave my friend in line and go get pizza. I wen’t down the block and found a little pizza place and I got served by a 7 year old kid. He was cool. Good pizza too…. Back in the line I went, feeling alot better at this point we just chilled until the doors opened.

As soon as they let everyone in me and my friend ran up to the right side of the stage and securing a spot on the gate right infront of Mr. Isaac Brock. I was so happy to have the perfect spot. We waited inside the venue talking with the random people around us until the opening band came on. They came on a little after 8 p.m and played a very short set. It was nice though… I had listened to The Dutchess & The Duke before I went to the show but I didn’t think too much of them. But live I caught myself head bobbing and pounding on the gate along to their songs. Deffinitly a nice small opening band. After they played it was the real wait now. Until the lights dimmed and the boys of Modest Mouse came out onto the stage infront of me. It felt like forever. The guitar tech’s and stage crew rushing all over the stage after the opening band getting thing’s ready for Modest Mouse. After about a 45 minute wait, give or take… the moment was finally here.

Me on the front gate for modest mouse (im in the white with the hat)

Me on the front gate for modest mouse (im in the white with the hat)

Out walk’s Eric Judy, Tom, Jeremiah, Joe, Jim all of em’ then out of our side of the stage walk’s Isaac Brock. Comming out flush faced with his hair in a mess ready to get down to buisness. They grab their respected instrument’s say a few words and launch right into the first song of the night. “Gravity Rides Everything”. They played this at Halifax, the first show of the tour. So I had high hopes of them playing it there. They did… they opened with it! I was screaming and singing along to every word. Mezmerized by guitar crazed Isaac. That 4 minutes was so fucking beautiful. Next came another great song “Never ending math equation”. Honestly, at this point of the show I was like “How could this get any better?” . But it did… Jumping up and down through the whole song. Amazing way to open a concert. Next they started jamming out to Bury me with it which had a nice sing-a-long. Isaac is alot more agressive live then I imagined. He plays guitar so damn good, getting right into the music and dancing like a rushed on coke fiend throwing his guitar in the air and slamming on the whammy bar. The way he screams is beyond amazing live. Isaac is a genius. They came next with “Satelitte Skin” which came out to a rocky start, with Isaac playing the intro three times before they were finally satisfied and finished the song. The song “Education” is so much better live then I ever could have thought. Isaac screamed the entire song and they jammed out on the end which was very epic. The sound was so damn good and never thought the show was gonna have such good sound. When they didn “The World At Large” I was shocked to hear this. Isaac messed up alot on the lyrics but I really didn’t mind. The rest of the band filled in the spaces nicely with the “Buh buh buh” thing. I wan’t to make note of Isaac’s guitar playing during the last half of this song. It gets intense slamming on his guitar in tremelo picking and gaining speed/sound until the song comes to crashing closing. “The Whale Song” is totally epic live. Everything they played was top notch with the boys seeming like they were having a good time, the crowd was pumped. I was screaming along to every damn word. Isaac’s mic had some fuzz when he would grab it, having asked the crew to fix it several times throughout the night. He say’s “Fuck it, you know what? That’s just how it is”. When they played “The Whale Song” I knew what to expect. Althought exceeding my expectations once again I wasn’t left in shock after the song. It was great to hear but not mind blowing for me like some people are saying. He asked the crowd to be quite at one point so he could here what someone else in the crowd was yelling to him and suggested that it was a good idea and they were working tomorrows setlist tonight, haha. Next was “Satin in a coffin” Which was actually supposed to be “King Rat” (According to the official setlists for the show). But something came in the way of that and “Satin in a coffin” was played in it’s place instead. Althought I can’t complain. I’ve wanted to hear both of those songs. I think I would have rather heard “King Rat” but “Satin in a coffin” blew my mind. When he grabs his mic’s and shouts with all his might into them its a sight to be seen thats all I have to say. When they played “Dramamine” They had Dan from Wolf Parade/Handsome Furs come out and jam with them, they added the Life Like Weed’s tease and the new jam, Dramamine live is so good. It must have been about 9 minutes long. I had goosebumps during this song. Watching Isaac in awe not focusing on much else. I wish I had brought my camera. Once “Dramamine” came to an epic finish. They decided it was time to satisfy the children. Say hello to “Dashboard”. I can’t lie, I never liked this song on the album. Live it’s a completely different story. I almost didn’t want to get crazy for this song in an effort not to look like a new Modest Mouse fan. Mind you, I couldn’t help myself. This song is TOO damn catchy live with the drums and everything. Pretty shocked. It was deffinitly good. Next was a song that was not on the setlist “Paper thin Walls” they launch right into it not wasting any time at all. Satisfying, not mind blowing. Once the finished with that they came out with their acoustics. Which is always nice to see. “Here it comes” makes it’s way into the setlist. “Grass grows green.” Absolutely love this song and everything about it. Such a different vibe live but none the less amazing. After that they bursted out “Shit Luck” I don’t know how long that song hasnt been played live for but goddamn it’s so much more powerfull live. I headbanged my ass off up infront of Isaac screaming the words. The next song was also a song not on the official setlist. It was “Black Cadillacs” which is pretty damn powerful live. Wasn’t expecting it to be like that. After which came an epic song. “Parting of the Sensory” at this point I had a feeling they were winding down for the night. The lyrics “We pulled the trigger but we forgot to cock with every single shot, aw fuck it I guess we lost”. When Isaac screams that it is so fucking powerful I can’t explain. It makes me shiver, well it did when I heard it live. Comming to it’s epic closing. I was pouding my fist on the front gate the entire show. So damn good. Then they decided it was time to bust out “Doin’ the cockroach”. About damn time too, the crowd loved it. Well I was lovin’ it. Jumpin’ through pretty much the entire song. Such a damn good live song and they jammed with it a bit. What a nice way to end the main set to the show. After this they walked off of the stage for a good 10-15 minutes. At least it felt that long. When they came back out the place went nuts. They grab their shit and jump into “Interstate 8”. I went apeshit. I’m so fucking glad they played this, making this setlist damn near perfect. I hoisted myself on the gate during the chorus just to get myself that much closer to isaac to scream the lyrics. After that was something I didn’t expect. Here comes the “All night dinner” an older tune that I didn’t even think that they would play at this show. One of the best songs of the night. Isaac was so damn into it. After which they played a nice version of “The View” and closed the show with “Missed the boat”. Could have been a better last song but I really have no complaints. The entire show I couldn’t have asked for more they played some of my favorite songs. Sure there was songs i wanted to hear that I didn’t but I don’t mind. I will see them again. I will post the set-list. I just want to say that I had heard alot of bad and good things about Modest Mouse live, this was my first time seeing them and from this I will say they are fucking incredible. Amazing concert. Probably my favorite concert ive ever been to for the fact that it’s my favorite band.

Gravity Rides Everything
Never Ending Math Equation
Bury Me With It
Satellite Skin
The World At Large
The Whale Song
Satin In A Coffin
Dramamine (With Dan Boeckner from Wolf Parade)
Paper Thin Walls
Here It Comes
Shit Luck
Black Cadillacs
Parting Of The Sensory
Doin’ The Cockroach


Interstate 8
All Night Diner
The View
Missed The Boat

Modest Mouse live in Montreal

Modest Mouse live in Montreal

After this we headed out to the store got food then to the hotel. We slept, I woke up early so i missioned it around Montreal in the early hours of Thursday. Got some smokes, haha. I love Montreal and I love Modest Mouse. After I got back to the hotel I woke my friend up and we checked out. Headed to HMV picked up some cd’s and vinyl’s then to High Times which was closed. I needed a piece for my bong but I was out of luck.
Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse


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