Artist of the Month: “Built To Spill”

I may be a little bit late to say this but… I recently purchased “Perfect From Now On” by Built to Spill. It is honestly one of my favorite cd`s I have listened too In a long while. I had “Keep it like a secret” for a good 5 months now, I love that cd dont get me wrong. However, It didn`t send me into a wave of Built to Spill. I just enjoyed those tracks and never searched for more. How dumb of me. I would never have found this gem had I kept up with that attitude. “Perfect From Now On” Is a beautiful, amazing work of art. The boys crafted themselves a well rounded masterpiece (in my opinion). Track after track this album flows and gets steadily more and more intense. The lyrics and instrumentals are amazing. It makes me think of Modest Mouse – not the music but the way I feel when I hear it.

I feel I should write this and I chose them as this month`s artist to write about because of the intensity and impact the music has had on me. It`s amazing. Also, Built to Spill will be releasing a new album next month titled “There Is No Enemy”. They will also be doing a tour to support this upcomming release. However they do not have a date near me, the closest is in Toronto and I do not have the money right now to go. Too bad they couldn`t come to Montreal. The track listing for the new album will be posted bellow. Now do me a favour and pick yourself up a copy of “Perfect From Now On” and start from there. This album has sparked an interest for me to collect their total discography. Give it a real listen. Built to Spill are an amazing band and even as late as 2009 it is still always nice to be able to appreciate this music.

Here is a link to their new single off of their new album
The single is called “Hindsight” and has been around for a long time now.

~ by drgonzo613 on September 10, 2009.

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