Arctic Monkeys: Metropolis Review 14/12/09

So, the entire week I didn’t think I was going to be making to this show since my friend who going up with us crashed his car. What ended up happening was the day of the show me and one of my friends who had never heard the band decided that we were gonna go. We wen’t to the train station and got our tickets. Left late and got into Montreal at about 8 pm. As soon as we got off we got ourselves some Tim Hortons as usual then went to the closest Dep. Picked up some beer, drinking while walking by the bell center… tons of Montreal Canadians Fans are all over the street for the game. After this we walked under a bridge and chugged our beers and smoked a joint. We kept moving since we were already way late for the show. Once we got to the Metropolis we walked inside right away. Who is the first person we see by his distinctive dreads… our friend. We walk up to him and say our hello’s. We all got ourselves some beer and then more beer and then… after about 15 to 20 minutes. They came out.

arctic monkeys live

They opened the packed Metropolis with “Dance little liar”. A fitting song to set the tone for the evening. Me and Shane push our way upfront. The closest we were at this point was on the right side of the floor near the stairs and bar. Next came bursting out with “Brianstorm”… Matt always shines with this, so damn good. We kept our spot for a while not being able to get passed the horde of people comming off of the stairs, it was a shitty position, I can’t lie, haha. Another great song came next from my personal favorite ‘Monkeys album “Favorite worst nightmare”.. “This House is a Circus”. The collective yelling of “We’re forever unfulfilled” Is awesome, I love it. It’s just a bouncy song. A personal favorite of mine since I have seen them before came next “Still take you home” and it’s such a great high energy song, I wish I would have been closer to the front at that point but whatever. After they came to a epic closing of “Still take you home” they came out with the haunting “potion approaching”. A beauty off of their new album “Humbug”. Such a beautiful vibe from this song… One thing I noticed at this point was that their performace here was 10 times better then their performace at Osheaga. They are deffinitly worth seeing in this type of setting. Next came their Nick Cave cover “Red Right Hand”, a nice fucking song. The lights were really nice, I was pretty high and buzzed. At the same time we are slowly making progression towards getting closer. To be honest the next song was “Catapult” and I have no idea what song that is. I have never heard it and frankly I don’t remember too much about it except for the green lights. The next two songs were highlights from Humbug the double hitter of “Crying Lightning” and “My Propeller”. A suprising amount of people knew the words for these songs. During the end of “Crying Lightning” we found a “Crowd train” and made our way to the pit. As soon as we got there “The view from the afternoon” came bursting out and the pit started. I didn’t waste anymore time. When I was in the back I felt like I was the only one really into it, but in the pit I knew everyone was having a great time, screaming at the top of their longs to the lyrics and dancing like idiots. “The view from the afternoon” is such a fucking good sing-a-long. It’s powerful and it was a great performance of it. The crowd loved it. After this “Cornerstone” was next and they did it beautifully. I really appreciated hearing these song’s live a second time after really having got into the “Humbug” album, It was a little pushy and the crowd had a nice sing a long once again and lighters were up in the air. I felt It was comming soon and then it did. “I bet that you look good on the dance floor” came rushing out and everyone fucking loved it. It was so much fun to just chill in the pit, drunk and high and get tossed around/toss people around and appreciate a solid live performance at the same time. Everyone knows this was one of the highlights. Next was “If you were there, beware”. I love this song so much. I basically stood to the side a bit for this one and just watched Alex closely and appreciated the beauitful music. After this I figured time to get back to the pit. “Pretty visitors” came on and the pit was solid, as i did my thing I notice shane like 4 feet from the bar right up front. I had lost him way back in the show. My other friend Ryan was at the bar with some other friends. anyways, I throw myself infront and push and get right there infront. Everyone was sweaty as fuck. It was so good, a nice sing a long for this new gem aswell. After this It was possibly my favorite Arctic Monkeys song “Do me a favour”. The red lights lit the room and i was right upfront and enjoyed a solid performance of one of my most favorite ‘Monkeys song’s. “Fluorescent Adolescent” was next which is always a crowd pleaser. I love the tougne twisting lyrics. Once again a beautiful performance, the weird thing was though I think it was after this… I’m not sure, Matt Helders came out and sang “last christmas” and the crowd loved it. That’s when most of the crowd surfing happened. After this they finished up and left the stage. The crowd pounded and chanted and screamed for them. They came back out with the obvious encore of which I knew they were closing with “505”. I wanna see them mix up their setlist’s a little more but hey, whatever. They came back out with “Secret Door” which was fucking amazing. It was such a great performance of the song it had the room captivated. Loved it so much and then, the dark blue depressing lights signaling the end of the show come down with Alex’s haunting voice singing the opening lyrics to “505”. The crowd was excellent though I have to say. A really pumped out show. They left after this. A very, very good performance. Some highlights of the show and a million times better then their Osheaga peroformance.

arctic monkeys montreal

1. Dance Little Liar
2. Brianstorm
3. This House Is A Circus
4. Still Take You Home
5. Potion Approaching
6. Red Right Hand (Nick Cave cover)
7. Catapult
8. My Propeller
9. Crying Lightning
10. View From The Afternoon
11. Cornerstone
12. I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
13. If You Were There, Beware
14. Pretty Visitors
15. Do Me A Favour
16. Fluorescent Adolescent / Last Christmas

17. Encore:
17. Secret Door
18. 505

After this we went out onto the street and hung out with Shane and the people he came with. Smoked about 4 joints and me and Ryan met up with the two people who’s hotel room we were sleeping in for the night. Once we finish the little session we mission it back to the hotel and start drinking a bit, get some sleep and me and Ryan peaced at 5 in the morning. It was a beautiful morning in Montreal with the snow and all. Got some coffee and then hit the train station.



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