Artist Of The Month: “The National”

I was torn between Band of Horses & The National for this month’s Artist of the Month post but I decided The National were a more suiting fit seeing as they have album due out in May of this year. Well let’s start the story off with how I first heard of them. If you look a few blogs back for Modest Mouse way back in July of 2008 they were playing together in Toronto, I wanted to go to that show and I wrote about it. Well that was the first time I had heard about them. Recently I downloaded Alligator and Boxer and have fallen in love with the band. I looked up some live appearences from the band and was kind of dissapointed with the lead singers voice, his signature baritone sound is missing and it takes away from the music. However, I still would go see them live given the chance.

Listening to “Boxer” I fell in love with the group “Fake Empire” was the first song I had heard from the group, I liked it instantly. Some people say they are a hard band to get into, well not for me. From there “Mistaken for strangers”, ect. I loved the album and like most bands, I looked up their earlier work and it was better. Alligator amazed me far beyond Boxer. Not taking anything away from Boxer, it is a great album but I prefer Alligator. It is collection of some beautiful music and if none of you have ever heard of the National.. Go check ’em out.

The National

The National


~ by drgonzo613 on February 4, 2010.

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