Osheaga 2010 Initial Line-Up

I have been hearing rumours for the past couple of days that Arcade Fire are going to be one of the headliners but It wasnt until today that my suspicious have come to reality. I am so excited to say that they will be headlining Day 1 of Osheaga which is going to be absoultely mind blowing… also on the bill headlining the second day Californian act Weezer. Some other act’s include the recently reunited legendary indie group Pavement. In the coming months we will see what else they add but for now here it is. Also, I will be picking up my tickets at the end of this month so I am excited to say Osheaga 2010 looks like it’s gonna take the cake.

On a down note however… That Alice In Chains show I was talkinga ’bout from the previous post turned out to be a failure. We went tickets were sold out, there were scalpers (obviously), mind you the powers that be made it inconvient for us to attend the show. So that sucks.. 😦 But Hey… Osheaga!

Osheaga 2010 initial line up


~ by drgonzo613 on March 23, 2010.

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