Osheaga 2011, Initial Lineup Announced!

Osheaga 2011 lineup

Eminem is the main headliner of Osheaga this year, something I did not see coming at all… I’ll get this outta’ the way first, I am dissapointed they’ve decided to add City & Colour, Death Cab for a cutie & slightly Eminem. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like Eminem, it’s just not the festival for him. We’ll the addition of the above first two bands I mentioned pisses me off. They need to keep it more indie. All that aside…

Some of my predictions turned out to be correct, Crystal Castles, Kid Cudi, DFA1979[wont take credit for that one] & The Flaming lips. In my previous post I announced they were all possible to play. Today is Monday, April 18th, 2011. Tomorrow the days the specific bands play will be announced along with a handfull of other bands. Hopefully the days leading up to the festival they really fill this lineup considering it is 3 days long this year, not two. They need more bands and for the price they are charging, they need to bring it some more big names. That’s just my opinion. The Strokes would be good, anything nice and satisfying. We just need more bands… maybe i’m just impatient. Anyways… I’ll be buying my tickets in the beginning of May. So, i’ll post when I do that.

Bands I wanna see.
-Crystal Castles
-The Flaming Lips
-Kid Cudi
-The Tragically Hip
-Sam Roberts
-Manchester Orchestra
-Bright Eyes

So, for me it’s already worth my moneys worth as you can see:P, but I want more!


~ by drgonzo613 on April 18, 2011.

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