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God, It’s been so long since I have been here… sort of forgot about it. I stumbled across my old blog today and decided to start writing in it again, about music and the usual you know. Well, I never got around to writing the review on last year’s osheaga and it’s a little late to write one now, given that was in August last year, we are now in Febuary. But I will keep this posted with the coming concerts that I attend this summer – which should be alot given the amount of good bands coming out with new work this summer. Radiohead has a album dropping in the next two weeks, The Strokes are coming out again in March, MGMT possibly have a release set later this year, Rage against the Machine are apparently working on new material, Arctic Monkeys will be releasing a 4th album this March aswell, I believe. Packed with good music… We will see what happens.


Arcade Fire Free Show/Osheaga 2010

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I saw Arcade Fire do a free show last month in Longuielle, Quebec. It was a blast and if you read the blog you know I also have tickets to see them in 4 days at Osheaga along with many other bands. Let’s get to the point, I couldnt resist and I gave into temptation and downloaded the leaked album, I read plenty of dissapointed reviews before I did so, which pushed me to test drive it. I love the album I would give it a 8 out of 10. Now, I just wanted to write something to update this, I’ll write a detailed review of the bands I check out at Osheaga until then

Osheaga 2010 Tickets, The Flaming Lips & Wolf Parade

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So my Osheaga tickets have finally arrived. Glad to say that, also… The Flaming Lips are playing at the Metropolis on July 7th and Wolf Parade is playing two days in a row at Le National also in Montreal on the 8th and 9th of July. I am planning on purchasing tickets for The ‘Lips and Wolf Parades show on the 8th and make it a epic orgasm of great music. I’ll keep you posted.

osheaga tickets


Osheaga 2010 Initial Line-Up

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I have been hearing rumours for the past couple of days that Arcade Fire are going to be one of the headliners but It wasnt until today that my suspicious have come to reality. I am so excited to say that they will be headlining Day 1 of Osheaga which is going to be absoultely mind blowing… also on the bill headlining the second day Californian act Weezer. Some other act’s include the recently reunited legendary indie group Pavement. In the coming months we will see what else they add but for now here it is. Also, I will be picking up my tickets at the end of this month so I am excited to say Osheaga 2010 looks like it’s gonna take the cake.

On a down note however… That Alice In Chains show I was talkinga ’bout from the previous post turned out to be a failure. We went tickets were sold out, there were scalpers (obviously), mind you the powers that be made it inconvient for us to attend the show. So that sucks.. 😦 But Hey… Osheaga!

Osheaga 2010 initial line up

Alice In Chains Tonight?

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I’m leaving in a couple of hours to head to the Metropolis in Montreal to hopefully score some tickets for the sold out show tonight at the same venue for the legendary Alice in Chains. Yes, I realize it is not the same, but hey. I still love these guys and hopefully everything is gonna turn out okay!

Artist Of The Month: “The National”

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I was torn between Band of Horses & The National for this month’s Artist of the Month post but I decided The National were a more suiting fit seeing as they have album due out in May of this year. Well let’s start the story off with how I first heard of them. If you look a few blogs back for Modest Mouse way back in July of 2008 they were playing together in Toronto, I wanted to go to that show and I wrote about it. Well that was the first time I had heard about them. Recently I downloaded Alligator and Boxer and have fallen in love with the band. I looked up some live appearences from the band and was kind of dissapointed with the lead singers voice, his signature baritone sound is missing and it takes away from the music. However, I still would go see them live given the chance.

Listening to “Boxer” I fell in love with the group “Fake Empire” was the first song I had heard from the group, I liked it instantly. Some people say they are a hard band to get into, well not for me. From there “Mistaken for strangers”, ect. I loved the album and like most bands, I looked up their earlier work and it was better. Alligator amazed me far beyond Boxer. Not taking anything away from Boxer, it is a great album but I prefer Alligator. It is collection of some beautiful music and if none of you have ever heard of the National.. Go check ’em out.

The National

The National


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I’m sure you already know about the devastating earthquake in Haiti. The capital is in ruins, streets are blocked, dead bodies everywhere, everything is gone and destroyed. This is a tradegy and I want everyone to realize that more people need to take action when such events occur. This natural disaster in Haiti is one of the worst things that could have happened to the instable country. The infastructure of the country is already beyond poor, the government is severly lacking in every department and the people are suffering as a consequence. This is beyond sad, I want to help. I want people to know and to have a more active role in helping others in need.

People are still alive trapped under rubble, calling for help… pretty much none of them will make it out alive and that is the brutal truth. It is such a cruel way to go. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Haiti.

Text HELP to 1291 if you are in canada and your cellphone company is with rogers or fido. 5$ will be donated to the disaster relief in Haiti.

Earthquake damage in Haiti